C-PACE for Solar and Renewables

The smartest way to finance your solar project.

“As a family owned and operated company, we’re making investments that not only impact our business this year but for decades to come. Through C-PACE, we were able to install a 235 kW solar array on our roof, providing immediate savings. Our investment in solar will allow us to remain competitive by lowering our energy costs and it’s also a hedge against future energy volatility.”

— Betty DaCruz, DaCruz Manufacturing


100% financing for solar projects


Allows building owner to take advantage of all tax credits and incentives


Financing transferable upon building sale


Transparent, rapid approval process


Cash flow positive from day one


Financing can cover roof and related installation costs


Tax assessment structure may allow pass-through on NNN leases

C-PACE for Solar is Smart Business

Why Use Greenworks Lending?

Greenworks Lending is the leading provider of C-PACE financing in the country. Our founders launched and lead the first successful C-PACE program and have brought their expertise and know-how to Greenworks Lending. We offer a transparent, rapid approval process and a dedicated team ready to assists with all aspects of a C-PACE financed project who can handle all the heavy lifting.


The dedicated Greenworks Lending project team is ready to assist with all aspects of a C-PACE financed project.

Email tolson@greenworkslending.com for details.